We are currently working on a project to reproduce a novelty item from the turn of the (last) century called the Geissler tube. Back in the days of 'wireless' radio, part of the equipment involved included a coil which, as part of the transmission process would generate extremely high voltage. Some clever fellow discovered that if you ran this high voltage through a glass tube which had most of the air removed (a 'vacuum tube'...), it could be made to glow. The tubes were available in many interesting shapes and designs. After almost 100 years, very few original ones remain intact. Watch for pictures coming here soon.
Meanwhile, take a look at these advertisements from the 1914 Catalog from Electro Importing Company of New York.

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I wonder if anyone will buy them if I make them, or have I 'gone down the lonely road' again... Won't you please take a moment to email me and

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