Jaded Lover - Jerry Jeff Walker - written by Chuck Pyle

I like this as a G - C - D

It won't be but a week or two
and you'll be out lovin someone new
D                                           A
seems like it's happened a hundred times before
and I can see you been spreadin yourself thin too
its a lonely stage that we have gotten to
D                    A                       D
don't get up, I can find my own way to the door.

           G                                          D
I can see you are an angel, whose wings just won't unfold
G                                    D   A
tune up your harp, polish your old halo
            G                        A
yeah, the only kind of man that you ever wanted
         D            A                 G
was the one that you knew you'd never hold very long
G                        A                   D
and now you're sittin there cryin like I'm the first one to go.

2nd Verse:
You may have thirty lovers behind you
you know I can feel you but I sure can't find you
seems like you would have found your own self by now
but late night those old lovers tears come back
visions in your dreams, fingers in your back
voices of the memories cryin out loud


3rd Verse:
Well it's a lovely sight to see you in your sleep
I believe I'm leavin, I'm in too deep
that's an easy enough thing for a man to say
Well we'd never agree if we talked all night
things are gettin kinda heavy, I'm travellin light,
goodbye jaded lover, you undercover queen for a day


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