Still Fighting The War - Slaid Cleaves

G - C                          G
Hard times coming home now
C                                          G
Can't get your feet on the ground
C                                 G            G/F#           Em    D
Got some issues and no one wants you around
C                                     G                                 Am      G/B      C
Barely sleepin' and you can't get through to the VA on the phone
C                             G                         G/F#          Em     
No one's hiring and no one wants to give you a loan
C                                     D                    G                             G/F#      Em          
And everyone else is carryin' on just like they've always done before
                     C                                  D                                     C          
You've been home for a couple a years now buddy but you're
              D              G
Still fighting the war

Flashback to Falluja
Lost another best friend
Three tours of duty and you're wondering when it's all gonna end
Bodies broken and bones shattered
Blood and dust in your mouth
Getting' weary but you're runnin' with the few and the proud
Sometimes you wonder why you went,
You don't wonder what you stayed on for
You've been home for a couple a years now buddy
but you're
Still fighting the war
C                                                     G
Men go off to war for a hundred reasons
          Am                    G/B                       C
But they all come home with the same demons
C                                 D                           G                   G/F#        Em
Some you can keep at bay for awhile, some will pin you to the floor
                           C                              D                                   C
You 've been home for a couple of years now buddy but you're
           D               G
Still fighting the war

The bedspread is frayin'
Faded and tearin' apart
Two strangers holdin' each other in the dark
Tell me, what were you dreamin'?
How did you think it would end?
How many heroes are scattered out into the wind?
And all the happily ever afters turn to broken dishes and slammin' doors
You've been home for a couple a years now buddy
but you're still fighting the war

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