WEDNESDAY: 3/10/2004
The steering head is assembled, welded and ground smooth.

We grabbed a front wheel hub off the scrap pile and took it to the band saw...

and sliced off a piece with the bearing race and seal, cutting off enough to grab the four mounting holes and ears.

Which fits nicely to the bottom of the steering head to support the lower triple tree.

We clamped on the rear hoop and bent it to match the curve of the front one, then welded it in.

looks pretty straight...

Here's the rockers for our giant springer. We need to add some plates at the holes to make them thicker.

Here's the lower triple tree with a couple of short pieces of 1 by 2 standing in the holes where the real 4 foot long legs will go. We'll have 12 inches clearance between the rockers to build our hub and 58 inch diameter BIG WHEEL.

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